QHYCCD astronomical cooled CCD QHY9

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QHY9 is a classic mono camera using the very popular 8.6mega pixel KAF8300 CCD sensor. This sensor has a good QE for deep sky imaging. The peak QE is 56% and it has 48% QE in H-alpha wavelength. The 4/3 inch size let it works well for most telescopes.

QHY9 has two stage TEC and typical delta T is -50C below ambient. It offers outstanding thermal noise control. To compare with those camera with -25 or -30C cooling, QHY9 give you more clear image even in very long exposure time no matter in hot summer or in cold winter.

QHY9 has very low readout noise between 8300 based camera. QHY9 is a round design and very suitable for Hyperstars.


 Main Features

  • Total pixel  :  3448*2574 (8.9mega pixel)
  • Effective pixel: 3358*2536 (8.6mega pixel)
  • Active pixels: 3326*2504(8.3mega pixel)
  • Pixel Size:    5.4um*5.4um
  • FullWell:  25.5Ke-
  • Imager Size : 17.96mm (H) x 13.52mm (V)  4/3inch
  • Readout noise: 8e- to 10e-(Typic @1Mpixel/s)
  • Preview Speed: 3Mpixel/s (3sec download time)
  • Download Speed: 1Mpixel/s (9sec download time)
  • Peak QE: 56% @540nm  48%@Ha
  • Microlensing on chip
  • ABG: 1000X
  • 16bit ADC with CDS and Preamp
  • USB2.0 High Speed interface
  • Build in 32MBytes SDRAM buffer
  • Support Binning: No Bin, 2*2,3*3,4*4
  • Communication port to QHY color wheel
  • Improved 2-Stage TEC cooling  -50 from ambinet
  • Improved Heat Sink For TrueSense CCD
  • Build in Temp sensor and 16bit high presion ADC
  • DC201 DC adapter & TEC Controller, Regulated
  • Build in Mechanical shutter for Full Frame CCD