EMF Meter Triaxial Data Logger 10MHz to 8.0GHz

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The TM-195 is a tri-axial (also referred to as an isotropic) meter. A tri-axial meter is preferred by some for its ease of use and consistency of results. This meter has a frequency range of 50MHz to 3.5Ghz - this includes common EMF sources such as mobile phones and masts, wifi, microwave ovens, DECT, TETRA etc. etc. Features include a memory function, choice of units, max. or ave. display and auto power off.

Supplied new and boxed with soft carrying case and operating instructions.

Chronic exposure to EMFs (electromagnetic fields) has been linked by some studies to health issues such as childhood leukaemia, cancers, depression, disturbed sleep and electrical hypersensitivity. Radio frequency (RF) and microwave fields are now found almost everywhere and are produced by both cordless and mobile phones, phone masts, wifi, microwave ovens and many other common devices.