The light phenomena no one understands: The mystery in Hessdalen

The light phenomena no one understands: The mystery in Hessdalen

For 33 years, strange light has flowed through Hessdalen. Are they UFOs? Norway's new energy source? Just jug and fanatics? Scientists from around the world are trying to solve the puzzle.


A light goes through a small mountain valley between Røros and Trondheim.

It can stand still in the mountainside and shine for hours, or flash so quickly that a human being barely gets it with him.


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UFO village Hessdalen came for the first time in the media's spotlight in 1981. In the otherwise quiet and anonymous valley 30 kilometers northeast of Røros, the inhabitants suddenly began to report strange light phenomena in the sky.

The population was frightened, while associate professor from Østfold University College, Erling Strand, became interested. In 1983 he was one of the initiators of Project Hessdalen: A project that aims to investigate and perhaps give an explanation of the mysterious light phenomena in the valley.

Erling Strand

MEASURING & OBSERVATION STATION: The world's first measuring station for UFOs is located in Hessdalen. An international UFO center is now being planned in the village. 

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Measuring station connected to the internet
To be able to study the phenomenon, Erling Strand and Østfold University College installed an automatic measuring station in Hessdalen in 1998.

The measuring station consists of, among other things, a camera and a video player that takes alarm pictures every time unusual light appears in the valley. The measurements are posted on the internet so that the audience can follow the events themselves.

The lights in Hessdalen vary in size and behavior. They can stand still longer than an hour and they can move slowly around and then stop. They can also move in formation or perform at very high speed. Once the speed was measured at 8500 m / s using radar. It's not to be avoided that people start talking about visits from space.

Many theories

There are several theories about what actually happens in Hessdalen. Some are convinced that the village is really visited by beings from outer space, while others talk about a passage between the dimensions. in the valley to do.
But that badly explains a very strange event in 1982. Then one of the valley's inhabitants observed a Christmas tree that stood on its head and jumped up and down like a yo-yo. Later, more people will have observed the same phenomenon.

- It is difficult to come up with an explanation that covers everything that happens in Hessdalen, says Strand. But he thinks it is important to start with the natural science page when it comes to finding an explanation:
- It does not lead to the popular theories, but there is a lot between heaven and earth.

Larger than the moon landing

Chemistry professor at NTNU, Martin Ystenes (the man behind the internet service Sprøytvarslereren) is skeptical about prioritizing the Hessdalen project among other projects that require public funds.
Ystenes keeps the opportunity open for something in Hessdalen, but he thinks people tend to overestimate dramatic events.
- I am pretty sure that it is also part of the situation with the Hessdalen, he says.

Martin Ystenes

But Ystenes expresses enthusiasm on questions about what an explanation of the light phenomena may entail:

- It will be absolutely fantastic if you could discover something completely new and even in Norway. It will create a media attention and an interest in science that probably will not be less than after the moon landing.


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