NASA'S LOST TRANSMISSIONS This is a compilation of FAR-UV and INFRARED recordings from the space shuttle and the ISS. Some of this material is extremely rare and you may not have seen it before.

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This is the kind of film material I consider as compelling evidence that earth is visited. You see UFO's come and go. NASA zooms in on them, follows them and somehow this already looks like a routine job for the camera operator. NASA knows exactly when and how to aim cameras at certain positions on Earth as if they are expecting something to happen.

On the other hand, so much happens that it is very difficult to miss something. An entire fleet of UFO is swarming around us. So why don't we see them on NASA TV? That is because NASA no longer transmits FAR-UV and IR camera feeds. NASA stopped right after the STS-75 tether incident, which almost exposed NASA.

Unfortunately, neither science nor the (international) media showed any interest and bought NASA's absurd explanation that we saw ice-particles. It was THE TIME TO ACT as we caught NASA with their pants down but we did not do anything so they got away with it. Nowadays NASA only allows to view manipulated footage in the visible light spectrum.

What is the manipulation you might ask Well, live-transmissions are not LIVE but integral transmissions with 20-30 seconds delay. The gamma and contrast levels have been reduced artificially so we cannot see any objects with faint light in the background.

Cameras no longer point towards space but always towards earth and the bigger part of the screen is filled with 3/4 of space-station or equipment. This way the operator, who has a much wider view, does not caught by surprise. During a space-walk in total darkness, colours are re-adjusted and contrast and gamma increased so the UFO are not visible: a reverse - most effective strategy. Instead of beautiful night transmissions, NASA feeds us with hideous regular signal-loss screens.

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